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Assessment based Instruction Design and Teaching

Assessment based Instruction Design and Teaching

The webinar will explore bringing Assessments at the core of instruction design philosophy while using the power of technology to manage, access and track student progress. Assessment is not only a measure of student learning, but a means to student learning. With the concentration based on Assessments in the Language classroom, the webinar will explore how, with assessments being at the core facilitates the weaving together of curriculum, instruction and learning.

As obvious as the relationship between teaching and learning may be, what is less obvious is the evidence of learning for instructional purposes. Thus if teaching necessarily involves learning, an important corollary follows: How do teachers know what their students have learned?

Teachers need some way of seeing learning. The way teachers can see (and act upon) student learning is through assessment - and assessment, like teaching, is integral to the definition of learning, as opposed to periodic norm-referenced tests that gives us little insight into a student's real learning. In other words, assessment is the way we as teachers can see or visualise our students’ learning without always resorting to grade driven tests.

Through this session we shall explore how to:

  • Explore the Assessment eco-system;
  • See a wide variety of formative, summative, adaptive and gamified assessment tools to evaluate what has been taught in class;
  • Ensure assessments are fair, reliable, and valid;
  • Construct assessments that meet the level of cognitive demand expected of students;
  • Create select-response items and understand technology-enhanced items that are increasingly being used in assessments;
  • Use constructed-response items and develop scoring criteria such as rubrics;
  • Analyse student results on assessments and use feedback more effectively.